Research lines and projects

Focusing area

Name: Science and Mathematics teaching

Description: The area of Master and Doctorate degree, professional modality, focuses the research in promoting reflections about questions that are linked to Science and Mathematics teaching, valuing the teachers’ qualification and improvement, aligned with the national regulations and the scientific and technological advances presents in the contemporary world. The area aimed, also, the research connected to development of educational products aligned to innovative strategies of teaching which are capable to provide enhancements in basic education. The propose is to concentrate the research activities and initiatives in didactical intervention process and the development of educational products related to Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and related fields, in different educational levels. In particular, this area involve the development and application of didactical and devices materials, such as educational app, didactical sequences, support texts for teachers, prototypes and proposals for experimental activities (physical or virtual laboratories). Therefore, this area seeks to feed discussions related to national education, looking for ways to qualify the teacher’s continuous formation within multidisciplinary perspective and pedagogical innovation.

Research line 1. Educational Practices in Science and Mathematics teaching

This research line has the aim to investigate, evaluate and operationalize educational practices based on educational fundamentals binded to teaching and learning in Science and Mathematics. The focus is in research, development and implementation of didactical resources, from different natures, in school context, based in scientific, pedagogical and epistemological aspects. The studies developed in this line occur in formal and non-formal spaces. The projects linked to this research line emphasis lies in strategic actions with the aim to improve the teachers work in different educative levels. The research and extension projects, associated to this line, prioritize the application of didactical strategies in order to provide meaning to the contents developed in the disciplines and areas involved, based on contemporary pedagogical references, such as those linked to cognitive/sociocognitivist psychology and the didactics of Science and Mathematics.
Researchers: Dra. Alana Neto Zoch; Dra. Aline Locatelli; Dr. Carlos Ariel Samudio Pérez; Dra. Cleci T. Werner da Rosa; Dr. Luiz Marcelo Darroz; Johnny Ferraz Dias.

Name: Technologies of Information, communication and interaction applied to Science and Mathematics teaching

Description: This research line has the aim to investigate, evaluate and operationalize educational practices related to digitals technologies appropriation in Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics teaching and related fields. The purpose of this line is to develop and to implement, in accordance with the educational environments, technological devices of interaction and communication, which allow the innovative production of educational materials for qualification of the teaching and learning process. In this context, the line is engaged to include different digitals resources for utilization in formal and non-formal teaching environments, as well, in distance education, among them: educational robotics, Digital TV, Web environment, mobile devices, educational software, videos and learning digital objects. The theoretical foundations of this line are referenced in contemporary education perspectives, particularly in emerging ones linked to STEAM Education, cognitive/sociocognitivist psychology and problem solving.
Researchers: Adriano Canabarro Teixeira; Juliano Tonezer da Silva; Marco Antonio Sandini Trentin; Marcelo de Carvalho Borba.