About us

The Post-graduation Program in Science and Mathematics Teaching is a post-graduation Stricto Sensu Course, professional modality, recognized by Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), belongs to the Institute of Exact Sciences and Geosciences from University of Passo Fundo (UPF). The objective of the Master program is the preparation for careers in teaching, focusing to increase the quality of teaching and learning, in order to align the research to teaching activity.

The program proposes to develop methodological actions that runs through the scientific, epistemological and pedagogical statements. In addition, it proposes to apply new technologies of Information, communication and further production of didactical and experimental materials related to basic education.

Another proposal of this course is to enable the professionals to develop methodologies to facilitate the comprehension of concepts related to Science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematic by deepening it. The purpose is to provide the professional possibilities to participate in discussions which the mainly focus is the human construction regarding the history and its relation with social, political and economic contexts.
In this way, the teaching and learning process developed in the course is based on interdisciplinary approaches, involving the knowledge of different areas. 

Target audience: The course is intended to teacher’s formation in Science and Mathematics areas, to work in different levels of education, mainly in the basic one or in graduation degree courses oriented to teacher formation area. Licensees, Bachelors and Technologists, with others trainings areas of knowledge will be able to attend the course provided the connection with the Program areas and turn their research to them.

Modality: Professional Master’s degree
Year of establishment: 2014
Rating of CAPES research assessment: 4
Concentration Areas: Sciences and Mathematics teaching