Reference article for the dissertation text of 2020 Public Notice.

The selection process for admission of students in the Post-Graduate Program in Science and Mathematics Teaching (PPGECM), the University of Passo Fundo, in accordance with the Articles 11 and 17 of Resolution CONSUN No. 13/2019 and Articles 7 and 9 of the Internal Rules of the Program, occurs annually following specific notice in which are established deadlines, standards, criteria and procedures.

The Program admits two categories of students: "regular" and "special". Regular students are those approved in the selection process and properly enrolled in Masters and Doctorate courses. Special students are graduates of higher education whose enrollment, in one or more elective subjects, is accepted by the Graduate Council.

The annual vacancies for entrance of Master's and Doctorate courses are defined by the student selection public notice, published annually, specific to each course. The Program reserves the right not to fill the total number of vacancies available in the public notices, as well as to expand them. The selected candidates who do not register within the established period will automatically lose the right to vacancies, being selected the substitute candidates, respecting the classification by advisor. The list of substitute candidates is available in alphabetical order together with the list of candidates selected on first call on the PPGECM website.