Former Students

The Science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics teacher’s qualification is the base of the Program, with domain in technological knowledge and be prepared to insert enhancements in classroom or in others educational spaces. The formation of specialized Masters in their specific knowledge areas and in tune (aligned) with the classroom practice is another differential of the former students in this course and what distinguish them from courses of generalist formation that is, sometimes, distant from educational practice.
The professional former student of the Science and Mathematics Teaching Master will be a qualify agent to act in spaces that goes beyond to classroom and be related to Science and Mathematics teaching, such as educational centers, museums, planetariums, parks and others. Additionally, the former student must be able to act in development and in production of didactical materials, such as educational Medias, interactive materials, didactic and para-didactic books, laboratory equipment, kits and guide of experimental activities, video lessons (classes), among others.