The Graduate Program in Food Science and Technology (PPGCTA) addresses the theme of food development from new technologies and new ingredients, seeking to improve products and processes, with an integrated view of the importance of food for humans, of food safety and environmental responsibility in the following research areas: biotechnological and unconventional processes in food and ingredient production and food quality and functional properties.

The PPGCTA aims to train qualified human resources for teaching, research and the job market by developing advanced studies in the area of ​​food science and technology. 
PPGCTA`s students profile is composed of professionals in areas related to food science and technology such as: Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, Nutrition, Biological Sciences.

Title Granted: Master’s Degree
Year of established: 2014
Rating of CAPES research assessment: 3
Concentration Area: Food Science and Technology

1. Biotechnological and unconventional processes in food and ingredient production
2. Food quality and functional properties