Research and Projects

Pervasive Computing, Modelling and Simulation

Research activities focus on the development of methodologies and technology products for innovative applications, enabling the improvement and refinement of processes within a wide range of applications, such as Agriculture, Engineering and Healthcare.

Full-time Professors

Dr. Carlos Amaral Hölbig Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Data Science, Modelling and Simulation, Embedded Systems, Smart Farms.

Dr. Marcelo Trindade Rebonatto Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Biomedical and Clinical Engineering, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Parallel and Distributed Computing, and Embedded Systems.

Dr. Marco Antônio Sandini Trentin Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Mobile Computing, Pervasive Computing, Computer Networks, Robotics, Internet of Things, and Embedded Systems.

Dr. William Haupt Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Metals Characterization, Welding Processes, Friction Welding Processes, Welding Metallurgy, Heat Treatment of Ferrous Alloys, Corrosion Characterization and Surface Analysis of Metallic Materials.

Dr. Willingthon Pavan Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Mobile Computing, Modelling and Simulation, Robotics and Embedded Systems.

Graduate Students

Fabiano Lucas JungCurrículo Lattes
Matheus Felipe Fabian Currículo Lattes
Nathan Postal Bombana Currículo Lattes

Undergraduate Students

Augusto Felipe Maggioni
Érick Landim de Paula
Felipe Marostega Fagundes
Henrique Link Poerschke

Other collaborators

Angela Mazzonetto
Felipe de Vargas
Gustavo César Visentini
Julio Cesar dos Santos
Samuel Zottis Dal Magro