The PPGCA Master’s program has a duration of 24 months, being the minimum of 18 months for completing all the requirements that lead to the title. Along this period there are weekly activities involving lectures, supervision and research/development. Those activities happen on Thursdays (in the afternoon and evening) and on Fridays (in the morning, afternoon and evening).

Important dates for regular enrollment
Application: from Sep 02, 2019 to Nov 15, 2019
Selection Process: from Nov 20, 2019 to Dec 06, 2019
Enrollment for selected students: from Dec 11, 2019 to Dec 13, 2019

Important dates for special enrollment
- 2020/1
Application: from Feb 03, 2020 to Feb 28, 2020
Enrollment for selected students: from Mar 02, 2020 to Mar 06, 2020
- 2020/2
Application: from Jun 29, 2020 to Jul 31, 2020
Enrollment for selected students: from Aug 03, 2020 to Aug 07, 2020

Important dates for currently enrolled students

Enrollment renewal (2020/1): from Mar 02, 2020 to Mar 06, 2020
First day: Mar 12, 2020
Last day: Jun 26, 2020

Enrollment renewal (2020/2): from Aug 03, 2020 to Aug 07, 2020
First day: Aug 13, 2020
Last day: Nov 27, 2020

Who should apply?
Students that hold a bachelor degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Engineering or other areas related to the research lines addressed within the PPGCA program.

Credit System
To be entitled to the degree of Master’s in Applied Computing, the candidate student has to achieve the minimum amount of academic credits as the following: 24 credits in classes (being 14 credits in mandatory classes and 10 in optional classes), and 6 credits in tasks related to the master’s thesis. Each academic credit consists of 15 hours of lecture. Note that besides fulfilling the credits requirement, the candidate has also to successfully defend his/her master’s thesis.

English Proficiency
The student must present a certification of his/her English proficiency by the time of enrollment in third semester (that is, after 12 months). This certification can be obtained via tests applied at the university itself, which happens twice each year.

Number of Positions
There are always a limit on the amount of selected students invited to enroll in the PPGCA master’s program after the selection procedure. The number of positions varies each year, and these are defined within the official call-for-applications document.