Research and Projects

Interactive and Information Systems

Research activities focus on the study, application, evaluation and validation of processes and methodologies for the creation of useful and innovative solutions, while exploring the integration of computational techniques to qualify hardware and software.

Full-time Professors

Dr. Alexandre Lazaretti Zanatta Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Software Engineering, Project Management, Configuration Management, Processes of Software Development (agile methods), and Testing and Metrics of Software.

Dra. Ana Carolina Bertoletti De Marchi Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Gerontechnology, Applied Computing in Health.

Dr. Rafael Rieder Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Virtual and Augmented Reality, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Computers in Agriculture.

Dr. Roberto dos Santos Rabello Currículo Lattes

Research interests: Evolutive Computing, Software Engineering, Innovation Management, Artificial Neural Networks, Knowledge-Based Systems, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Multi-agent Systems.

Graduate students

Alisson Griz Currículo Lattes
Artur D'Angelo ChagasCurrículo Lattes
Camila Munzlinger Currículo Lattes
Caroline Marina Rampanelli Currículo Lattes
Cedemir Pereira Currículo Lattes
Charles Eliakim Israel Currículo Lattes
Francisco Madalosso De Bittencourt Currículo Lattes
João Pedro Zorzeto Currículo Lattes
Mateus Klein Roman Currículo Lattes
Samuel Antunes Vieira Currículo Lattes

Undergraduate students

Brenda Slongo Taca
Dalton Oberdan Adiers
Diógenes Pereira Fernandes
Felipe Borges da Silva
Eduardo Willian Horst
Jean Cássio Peres Barbosa
Júlia da Trindade de Oliveira
Luan Zanatta de Oliveira
Nicolas Welfer Kirinus

Other collaborators

Daiana Biduski
Ericles Andrei Bellei
Jeangrei Emanoelli Veiga
Jizar Mateus Vorma Soares
João Pedro Mazuco Rodriguez
Telmo de Cesaro Júnior