Special Enrollment

The PPGCA program offers classes for special enrollment students, who are interested in attending the lectures/courses with or without the goal of applying to the program as a regular student in the future.

Who should apply for special enrollment? Students that have completed their undergraduate studies (bachelor or equivalent) in Computer Science, Engineering or other areas related to the research lines addressed within the PPGCA program.

What is the special enrollment? Students under this condition are not regular students within the PPGCA program, but are allowed to attend classes. It is an opportunity to get to know the research environment, projects, professors, as well as learn more.

Positions: there is a limited number of positions for special enrollment, which varies according to the capacity of the lecture halls/rooms and laboratories, as well as particularities of each course.

Important dates
- First semester application: February
Enrollment: March, first week
- Second semester application: July
Enrollment: August, first week

Please contact to request your application informing:

  • Courses you are interested (see available course schedules here);
  • Full name;
  • Full address, mobile phone and e-mail;
  • Following documents:
    • Passport ID Page;
    • Birth or marriage certificate;
    • Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese;
    • Undergraduate diploma, or a certificate proving the program completion (Bachelor or equivalent).

Reuse of credits
If a student under the special enrollment later enrolls as a regular student within PPGCA program, he/she can claim the reuse of up to 12 credits in lectures/courses he has undergone when at special enrollment. The credits accumulated under the special enrollment have a validity of up to 4 years before the enrollment as a regular student.

Once in a regular enrollment, besides the academic credit reuse, the student can also claim the discount on fees related to courses.

Attending lectures/courses under the special enrollment does not guarantee the successful application of the student for the regular enrollment; the student has to undergo the same selection process as any other applicant.