Life Cycle Assessment & Circular Economy Conference

Date 6 Nov 2023 – 7 Nov 2023University of Passo Fundo, Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil



The Life Cycle Assessment and Circular Economy Conference will bring together the main developments on LCA and Circular Economy, as well as the contribution of these approaches to sustainable development and climate action. This Conference is an event associated with the projects “The digital introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals into Higher Education Teaching – regional aspects in implementing the SDGs from Brazil and South Africa” and “LCA UPF”, and offered by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and the University of Passo Fundo (Brazil).

The Conference will be a great opportunity for different universities to exchange their experiences on LCA and Circular Economy, through presentations, case studies and debates. Also, there will be a space for communities, organizations, industries and other stakeholders to come up with ideas and share their experiences.



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Presenters and delegates attending the Life Cycle Assessment & Circular Economy Conference will come from a cross-sectoral range of areas. They are:

  • people working in universities, colleges and training organisations (tertiary education);

  • students and researchers in the area;

  • representatives from companies;

  • members of NGOs working with sustainability;

  • other people interested in the field.

It is believed that this wide range of participants will help to outline the need for integrated approaches towards sustainable development and hence contribute to the further implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




  • To contribute with different perspectives from the institutions concerning the recently achievements on LCA and Circular Economy;

  • To motivate futures studies focused on the relationship between LCA and Circular Economy as a sustainable metric;

  • To discuss the connection between LCA and Circular Economy and the Sustainable Development Goals.


Publishing Opportunities

Abstracts submitted to the Conference will be published in a (digital) Book of Abstracts to be made available for all delegates at the event.

The experiences from the presenters will be documented and promoted in the book “The Contribution of Life Cycle Analyses and Circular Economy to the Sustainable Development Goals”, to be published by Springer Nature. This is part of the World Sustainability Series https://www.springer.com/series/13384, the leading peer-reviewed book series on matters related to sustainable development. The peer-reviewed nature of the book means that contributions to them have been officially counting over the years for promotion and tenure purposes.



Scientific Committee

Professor Walter Leal

Professor Walter Leal holds the Chairs of Climate Change Management at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), and Environment and Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). He directs the Research and Transfer Center “Sustainability Development and Climate Change Management”. His main research interests are in the fields of sustainable development and climate change, also including aspects of climate change and health.


Professor Luciana Brandli

Luciana Brandli is a Professor at the University of Passo Fundo, Brazil. Her work focuses on sustainability in higher education, the Agenda 2030, Climate Change, Education for Sustainability and Sustainable Cities. She is Deputy Editor of the Encyclopedias of Sustainability in Higher Education and of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She serves on the editorial board of various journals, supervises a number of master's and doctoral students on engineering, environment and sustainability issues and has in excess of 300 publications. She is the co-investigator in Brazil for the Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate research project.


Professor Francisco Dalla Rosa

Francisco Dalla Rosa works as Adjunct Professor and researcher at the University of Passo Fundo, in the courses of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and in the Graduate Program in Infrastructure and Environment. His interests are in the area of Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Transport Infrastructure and Geotechnics with a focus on the following topics: Management of infrastructure works; Development of new applied paving materials; Machine Learning.


Professor Rudi Pretorius

Rudi Pretorius is an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of South Africa, where he is the coordinator of the Undergraduate Program in Environmental Management. His research interests focus on Education for Sustainability, Sustainability in Higher Education, the SDGs, Teaching and Learning in Geography and Environmental Study Fields, and Open, Distance and E-Learning. He is Deputy Editor of the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Discover Sustainability, and SDGs in Africa and the Middle East Region (part of the series Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals - Regional Perspectives).


Professor Lucas Veiga Ávila

Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM). He is interested in Innovation, Sustainable Development, Environmental Social and Governance, Climate Change, Organizational and Sustainable Strategies. It has over 3,000 citations, 250 publications, 80 undergraduate and graduate student orientations. He serves as editor of the Journal Discover Sustainability Springer -Topical Collection on Transition to Greener, Resilient and Equitable Economy, and Guest Editor of Journal Sustainability MDPI - SI Climate Change Education and Sustainability Learning.


Organizing Committee

Amanda Lange Salvia, University of Passo Fundo

Janaina Mazutti, University of Passo Fundo

Marianne Bazzo Di Domênico, University of Passo Fundo

Pietra Bueno, University of Passo Fundo

Prof. Marcos Frandoloso, University of Passo Fundo



  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Research and Transfer Centre "Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management", Germany

  • University of Passo Fundo (UPF), Brazil



Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30th July 2023
Deadline for submission of papers: 30th November 2023

These deadlines are important, so that the publications can be produced as soon as possible for and following the event.

Deadline for early bird registrations: 30th October 2023



The event will be held in the University of Passo Fundo main campus, located in the city of Passo Fundo, southern Brazil. University of Passo Fundo is among the most sustainable universities in Brazil, being ranked in the 14th position according to the UI Green Metric Ranking.

Address: University of Passo Fundo, campus I, BR 285 Km 292,7, Bairro São José, Zip code 99052-900, Passo Fundo (RS).


How to submit an abstract

An abstract should be up to 200 words, it should describe the rationale and aims of the paper, and some of its results. General descriptions of broad contexts should be avoided. The full contact details about the author(s) need to be provided. Abstracts should be written in the third person and not in the first or second one (e.g., I, me, or my paper). Please see below a sample abstract. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will receive further details about how to submit their full papers, and further logistic information.

Please send your abstract to the Organizing Committee: greenoffice@upf.br