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On the submission of papers at the Thematic Symposia:

  • a) Papers from research and academic studies will be accepted.
  • b) All participants who wish to present papers in thematic symposia must send the abstract, via e-mail, to the Symposium coordinator, from 01 to 31 August. Observe the list of symposia with the coordinator's name and contact.
  • c) Each participant may submit only one work proposal individually and / or in co-authorship.
  • d) The abstract can be submitted in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, according to information in the list of symposia
  • e) The work may have up to two authors.
  • f) The abstract must contain between 200 and 300 words. It is not necessary to include bibliographic references.
  • g) The summary must contain the following elements: title, theme, objective, theoretical framework, research corpus (when applicable), methodological procedures and possible / main results and / or pedagogical implications.
  • h) At the end of the abstract, the keywords must be included (from three to five), preceded by the expression “Keywords”, separated by a period and finalized by a full stop, in the same font and text size of the abstract.
  • i) All authors and co-authors included in the work must register for the event and pay within the specified period, after acceptance, to confirm their presentation. The registration fee for a participant with paper communication is R $ 25.00.
  • j) There will be no refund of the registration fee if the presentation is canceled.


Submission of abstracts for thematic symposia - From 01 to 31 August
Sending of accepted papers submitted to thematic symposia - Until September 8
Payment of registration fees after receipt of accepted papers submitted - Until September 21 https: //secure.upf. br / eventos / eventos / 641  
Disclosure of the days, times and links of each thematic Symposium - Until September 30