Research Lines

Politics and Culture – Aggregates of research and studies related to policy forms and relations of power, the phenomena of political practices, and political culture in regional, national, and international borders. The cultural phenomena in the social sphere. The cultural and aesthetic movements. Systems or social enablers and documentary creation, sustenance, and reproduction from the specifics of folklore to mass culture. Incorporation of historiographical studies on micro and macro approaches of the political and cultural spheres, and observation of their interfaces.

RESEARCH TOPICS – Power relations, political culture, religions, legal and political institutions, local government, gender, human rights, artistic and cultural manifestations, art history, philosophy and theories of history, international relations, history, and press.

Space, Economy, and Society – Includes the research and studies about the processes of space occupation and societal forms with regard to relations and social conflicts, economic, political, and symbolic dimensions in regional and inter-regional indigenous communities, formation of the Luso-Brazilian society – prisoners, caboclos, and settlers – and genesis, structure, and development of capitalist society.

RESEARCH TOPICS – Settlement, indigenous populations, immigration and colonization, memory and heritage, social movements, land ownership and agrarian legislation, lawsuits, use of space, platinum studies, history of navigation, slavery and labor worlds, interethnic relations, memory and culture, history of elites, family history, education history, and environmental history.

Culture and Heritage – Gathers studies on issues involving cultural practices and productions as well as the question on its legal, theoretical, methodological, empirical, and educational aspects. Focuses on the processes of construction of social representations, identities, memories, and historic, artistic, and cultural heritage in different formats and languages (written, visual, oral, and audiovisual).

RESEARCH TOPICS – Culture and cultural movements and aesthetics, heritage, history and image, religion, cultures, memories, identities, representations, ethnic and gender studies, media, cities, rites and rituals, arts, literature, among others.