Area of Concentration

The area of concentration in Regional History dates back to the production of knowledge in a specific bias different from other programs in the Rio Grande do Sul Her research and Space Politics and Culture, Economy, and Society, favoring the regional universe and always integrating the broader scope of the state, country, and world.

A proposed approach to Regional History does not refer to addressing the regional watertight in itself, but rather as a vehicle for examination of "regional" through an analysis that recognizes the complexity of reality and its representations, without, however, losing sight of how regions are linked to different dimensions of the systems that contain them.

The regional is much more than a physical space. It is a set of relations and joint structured around singular identities. The regional approach offers new optics to national analyses, presenting all the fundamental questions of history from the perspective that reveals particular social movements, state action, economic activities, cultural identity, etc., along with its multiple relationships in general. The national historiography would highlight the similarities, while the regional differences would deal with the multiplicity, where there is no process of exclusion, but of enrichment and complementarity between the two spheres (AMADO: 1990: p. 12-13).