Research Guidelines

1) Constitutional Jurisdiction and Democracy

The student of the UPF Masters Degree will have a formation connected to the principles of the constitutional jurisdiction, to the role of the State in the pursuit of public policies, to the role of the State in the economy and the transfer that the public law does in private rights, also under the prism of a theory of fundamental rights.

2) Social Relationships and Dimensions of Power

The student will receive a dense training from the studies of democracy in the paradigm of the contemporary Constitutional State, with emphasis on the most diverse issues that involve the federative pact, the respective negative and positive guarantees in terms of criminal policies, the role of the new social subjects that are inserted in this new form of State and Constitution, and finally, justice systems, in which the constitutional process is seen as a methodology for guarantee fundamental rights, the problem of access to justice and the solution through the new paradigms that provide an effective judicial protection, not forgetting the essential functions of Justice and the alternative means of its realization in the State of Law.