Admission, Selection and Values

To join Postgraduate Program in Law, the candidate will be evaluated in two stages:

First stage: Written test.

Second stage: Curriculum vitae (Lattes model) and interview based on the project.


The admissions will be accepted between September 1, 2016 and February 20, 2017 at the following electronic address: www.upf.br/ppgdireito.

Documents required for admission:

 - The enrollment will take place through the mandatory delivery of the following documentation:

A) admission form, properly completed, printed and signed (attachment I of the notice);

B) copy of the Lattes curriculum (CNPq format);

C) two 3 x 4 photos;

D) double-sided copy of the identity card;

E) copy of the CPF;

F) copy of birth certificate and / or marriage;

G) double-sided copy of the University Degree;

H) copy of the Graduation History;

I) proof of payment of admission, in the amount of R$ 120,00;

J) copy of passport (in case of foreign applicant);

K) regularity visa in the Country, provided by the Federal Police (in case of foreign candidate);

L) proof of proficiency in Portuguese for non-Latin foreigners, when applicable;

M) declaration of the availability of time for the Program (attachment II of the notice).

N) pre-project containing: research guideline, problem, objective, justification, bibliography, preferably in ABNT standards.

The documentation must be delivered to the secretariat of the Post-Graduate Program in Law or sent by mail, via Sedex, until February 20, 2017, to the following address:

Post-Graduate Program in Law

Law School

University of Passo Fundo

Campus I - Bairro São José - BR 285 - km 292

PO Box 611

Passo Fundo, RS

CEP 99052-900


Admission: R$ 120,00

24 fixed installments of R$ 1.839,94.

In case of admission as a special student, the credit amount will be R$ 474,49.