About the Program

The Postgraduate Program in Law at the University of Passo Fundo (UPF) aims to establish the conditions for the development of a series of researches that put together concrete legal problems, based on theoretical reflections considering the influence of the philosophical matrices that support the theory of Law, especially in this phase known as post-positivist.


  • Study, critically and reflexively, the New Law Paradigms.
  • Investigate the major issues related to contemporary dilemmas: how it applies and if there is a theory of legal decision or conditions for such.
  • Provide a semiological view, connected with the modern theories about the analysis of the indispensable legal discourse to constitute the methodological formation for proper egress of the Program.
  • Instigate the study of the Law Theory and Philosophy, as an epistemological support of the reflections set of the Program.

Target Audience

Graduates in Legal and Social Sciences (Law), aiming to teach properly the new professors and prepare for the activities inherent to their title, especially teaching and research.

Duration of the course

The Masters Degree Course is expected to last 24 months.