Evaluation System

Academic Performance Evaluation and Approval System at UPF

The evaluation of academic performance and the approval system adhere to the institution’s General Regulations (specifically, articles 94 to 103) and Consun Resolution
No. 09/2012.

1. Attendance:
● Attendance is mandatory for classes, seminars, and all official didactic activities.
● Only regularly enrolled students are allowed to attend.

2. Academic Performance Evaluation:
● Numerical Grades: Academic performance is assessed using numerical grades, ranging from 0 (zero) to 10 (ten).
● Fractional Grades: When grades occur in fractions, only the first decimal place is considered (without rounding).
● Maximum Grade: To prevent misunderstandings, the maximum grade of 10 is explicitly recorded in institutional documents.
● Evaluation Process: Subjects are evaluated through multiple assessment opportunities, considering various strategies:
     - Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation
     - Practical and Individual Work
     - Alignment with Course Pedagogical Proposal
     - Clear Assessment Criteria and Methodology
     - Coherence with Class Content
     - Emphasis on Reflection Over Memorization
     - Discussion of Written Assessment Results

3. Semester Grade:
● At the end of each subject, a semester grade is assigned, representing the average of awarded grades for schoolwork.

4. Approval System:
● Passing Criteria:
     - Students attending at least 75% of total classes and achieving a semester grade of 7.0 (seven point zero) or higher pass the course without an exam.
     - Students with a semester grade of no less than 3.0 (three point zero) and attending at least 75% of classes take the exam. A minimum grade of 5.0 (five point zero) is required for passing, calculated as the arithmetic average of the semester grade and exam grade.