Concentration Area

The PPGEng is composed of the Master and Doctoral (Ph.D.) Programs, with the concentration area in Infrastructure and the Environment, aiming to discuss the problems that involve infrastructure and the environment in a local, regional, national and international scale.  Its objective is to provide adequate conditions for the solution of the main issues concerning the human and environmental impact emerging from the articulation between research and development of built spaces (infrastructure) and natural spaces (environment).This matter can be found in academic and professional discussions in a variety of fields; however, it is especially relevant to the areas of engineering.  Thus, the infrastructure, conceived as the field of engineering connected with the implementation and maintenance of the systems that offer support for human settlement and productive activities, includes the project, implementation and management of the systems and subsystems of the urban and regional infrastructure. The environment, understood as the field of engineering which deals with the natural territory, modified by the socioeconomic activities, whose topographical, vegetable, mineral and spatial reconfiguration causes harmful changes in life development, species and natural site preservation, demands control and solutions technically adequate. It is relevant to stand out that infrastructure and the environment are seen as two aspects that complement each other; they are not separated approaches. The inter-relation established between infrastructure and the environment is central in the PPGEng proposal, motivating ideas and propositions concerning sustainability.