Research areas

Biomaterials - develops and tests biomaterials and new technologies, in-vitro and in-vivo, using knowledge and methodologies originated from Health Sciences, Biological Sciences and Engineering. This research area provides the technical-scientific support for the materials and techniques used in dental practice.

Evidence-based dental clinic - studies the application of different techniques used in the dental practice, contributing to the evolution of Science, to the education in Dentistry, to higher quality and clinical longevity of procedures and materials, and to the well-being of the population, especially the one assisted by public and private services in the University of Passo Fundo area.

Preventive dentistry - aims the promotion of Preventive Dentistry in all levels of prevention: from epidemiological studies, with the diagnosis of oral health problems, to the development of tissues preservation procedures, applying prevention techniques and minimally invasive procedures to aid population well-being, with special attention to low-income communities.