Evaluation System

The system of evaluation in practice at UPF is ruled by the General Academic Regiment, as follows:

1. Attendance 
Once the student is enrolled, it is mandatory in all academic activities/lessons.  The student must attend, at least, 75% of the activities/lessons.

2. Credits 
There  are  2 kinds of disciplines offered by UPF: 
1 discipline of 4 credits =  60 hours
1 discipline of 2 credits = 30 hours

3. Assessment 
Assessment comprises written, oral and practice tests/examinations, projects and other academic activities required in each disciplines. These modes of assessment may happen during the semester.
The final assessment of a discipline is expressed through numeric grades, on a scale from 0 to 10.

4. Approval system 
The student who achieves a score of, at least, 7.0 and has 75% of attendance in a discipline is considered approved at the end of each semester.  The final test is compulsory for the student, with 75% of attendance, whose score is, at least, 3.0.  The minimum score to be approved in this situation is 5.0. 

FINAL SCORE = 7.0 (passed )
FINAL SCORE = 3.0 (Compulsory final exam )
Compulsory final exam = 5.0 (passed)
                                        4.9 (failed)