The University of Passo Fundo - UPF, one of the most important Universities in the south of Brazil, has been developing actions in order to foster internationalization by expanding its partnerships with foreign universities and promoting the international mobility of students, professors and researchers.

Students from partner universities are welcome to study at UPF through our Exchange Programs (Programa de Intercambio Acadêmico – PIAC, MARCA and Santander Universidades) for a period of a semester or two.

The International Office is responsible for helping international students with their academic issues and stay in Passo Fundo.

Another interesting program offered by UPF is PEC-G, a Program for full Undergraduate Studies, available to students from developing countries, preferably.

For further information about PEC-G see here.
International Office Staff
Maria Elisabete Mariano dos Santos  (Head)
Gisele Benck de Moraes (Advisor)
Maina Badin Bortuluzzi (Secretary)
Marceni Vianna da Silva Argerich (Secretary)

More information about UPF at www.upf.br. To have a look at the map of our campus, see here.