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A solid higher education Institution which is committed to the regional population, and with a quality, ethical and scientific education of the professionals it launches in the work market. A University that prioritizes its professors’ qualification, enables the generation and spread of knowledge and seeks teaching excellence. This is the University of Passo Fundo (UPF), which is located in the North of Rio Grande do Sul. Founded 46 years ago, UPF is one of the main higher education institutions in Southern Brazil.

The “higher education seed” has changed destinies and brought social, economic, scientific and cultural development to more than 100 cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, directly  comprising a population of about/830,000 people.

As the largest Institution in the region, UPF offers 60 undergraduate courses, 52 specialization courses with ongoing classes, 12 Master’s degree courses and two institutional doctorates. Over 20,000 students are part of the University in all its courses and projects.

With a prominent infrastructure, UPF provides the students, and the community, with 281 laboratories, 162 practical and experimental rooms, 150 clinics, 23 amphitheaters and auditoriums, 10 libraries, , museums, sports gymnasiums, exposition rooms, an academic TV station, a publishing house, one Zoo, one language center  and a wide green area.

The highly qualified faculty is another relevant aspect of UPF. At the moment, more than 75% of the professors hold Master’s and/or doctoral degrees. Thus, UPF professors’ academic background exceeds MEC’s (Brazilian Ministry of Education) parameters for higher education in Brazil.

The Institution develops researches, having more than 307 projects currently in progress for new knowledge generation. Besides, science extension actions include projects of services offered to the community through events and courses.

The University's mission is to produce and spread knowledge in order to promote the improvement of life quality and to develop competent citizens, with critical, ethical and humanist posture, who are able to act in order to transform the society.

The search for knowledge as a form of freedom and citizenship, a great number of high school graduates with no possibility of continuing their studies, once the access to higher education had only been offered in Porto Alegre and Pelotas, and a church worried about the Christian education in the Northern half of Rio Grande do Sul, where the main factors that have inspired the beginning of the social and community movement which would result in the creation of the University of Passo Fundo.

With the creation of the Pro-University Society and the Catholic University Consortium of Passo Fundo, in the early 1950's, UPF started to be established. The official date of foundation of the Pro-University Society is February 2, 1950. The Pro-University Society aimed at the creation and support of higher education schools and to congregate them into a University in the future. About five years later, worried about the development of new professors to fulfill the expanding higher education market in the region, several local entities got together in order to create the faculties of Philosophy, Education and Anglo-German Languages. Then, on July 6, 1956, the Catholic University Consortium was created.

In 1967, the UPF Foundation was created when the Pro-University Society and the Catholic University Consortium of Passo Fundo merged, encompassing six faculties: Law, Economics and Political Sciences, Dentistry, Agriculture, Philosophy, and the Institute of Arts. UPF’s official creation date is June 6, 1968. On this day, the decree nº 62.835, which had been issued by President of the Federative Republic of Brazil recognizing the creation of the University, was published in the Federal Official Gazette.

UPF is a regional and communitarian university according to the terms of the article 213 of the Federal Constitution, and philanthropic. All of its actions are based on three fundamental principles: education, research and scientific extension. With a democratic and autonomous structure, it is not linked to any religious confessions, public departments or leagues, and its income is reinvested in the Institution. Professors, along with students and employees, choose the Rectors through direct election, held every four years.

Besides the main campus in Passo Fundo, the Institution maintains a multi-campus structure, encompassing six other campuses, which are located in the cities of Casca, Carazinho, Lagoa Vermelha, Sarandi, Soledade and Palmeira das Missões.

In Passo Fundo, the following campuses are established: Campus I, with 12 Academic Units, the High School Center, the University of Passo Fundo Television Station (UPFTV) and the University of Passo Fundo Radio Station FM (99UPF); Campus II, where the School of Medicine and activities of the Nursing Course are held; and Campus III, where the Language Center (UPF Idiomas), the Regional Center for Studies and Activities of the Third Age (Creati) and the Regional Historical Archive are located.

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José Carlos Carles de Souza

Rosani Sgari
Vice-Rector of Undergraduate Education

Leonardo Gil Barcellos
Vice-Rector of Research and Graduate Education

Bernadete Maria Dalmolin
Vice-Rector of Extension and Community Affairs

Agenor Dias de Meira Junior
Vice-Rector of Administration

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